Monday, August 26, 2013

All I Want For Christmas Is

Trace Adkins Finishes Work on Traditional Christmas Album | WWGP 1050 AM Today's Best Country | Sanford, NC (from ONE Browser)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Canadian Colloseum Phenomenon

Trace's tour rolls into the Colosseum at Caesars Windsor, ON, tomorrow, August 16.  Windsor is south of Detroit - yes bus driver the gps is working - and the two cities are economically entertwined which does not bode well for Windsor since Detroit is the largest city in North America to bankrupt itself.
Despite it's depressed economy, Windsor's country music fans have nearly made this a sold out event.  So how is Trace filling a colosseum in yankee land so far from from Nashville?  My theory is its the torn t-shirt part of the show. Women love to see Trace shirtless.  I have stats on that to share at a later date.  Today I am just sad that last year when I saw Trace live HE DID NOT rip off the shirt. Is this something he just started to do or does he only do it at certain venues or only if the spirit moves him?
Let me know what you know!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

There Aught To Be A Law Against Trace Impersonators

Recently, I accidently came across something on the internet I didn't know existed - a Trace impersonator performing in Vegas.  Makes you laugh just to think about it.  Makes you laugh even harder watching the guy try to impersonate Trace's stage moves.  There is no impersonating that swagger.  Want a good laugh?  Click on the link.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Puppets Make "Brown Chicken, Brown Cow" Worth Voting For

I only have to read the headline “Brown Chicken, Brown Cow” for the new release from his album Cowboy's Back In Town", to begin its constant loop in my brain for hours and hours. It is a catchy tune and, while being a Trace fan I love every note he sings, I am not sure I like this tune. Leave it to Trace to shoot a music video for the song that I can’t resist.
In my opinion, it is almost impossible to make a music video of “Brown Chicken, Brown Cow” with real actors or actresses. Even the hilarious, Rodney Carrington, who helped Trace win the 2008 CMT Male Video of the Year with “I Got My Game On”, could not be light hearted enough to pull it off. The puppet cast of “Brown Chicken, Brown Cow” is a perfect fit.

So, despite my ambivalence about this new release, I am encouraging all Trace fans to support the music video by voting it to the top of GAC Top 20 Countdown. Here is the link: GAC TOP 20.  And GAC says, Tune in for this week's episode when Nan Kelley welcomes Trace  to the set to talk about his wild and wacky new video for "Brown Chicken Brown Cow." Trace is even bringing along his puppet co-stars from the video to the GAC studios so you don't want to miss that!

The Top 20 Country Countdown is decided by YOU! Each week we count your votes then count'em down! A new show premieres every Friday night at 8/7c!
“Brown Chicken, Brown Cow” has not made it to CMT’s Top 20, but it was featured on the show February 18. To see the interview with Trace, selected the following link: CMT TOP 20 COUNTDOWN

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Album Isn't A Ten (X) - It's An Eleven(th)

So many new songs to listen to, so many appearances, so much Trace is never enough.  The new album is out and Trace is making the rounds to promote his eleventh album and first release with new label Show Dog-Universal Music. As with X, this album offers a menu of songs for every country palette.  So far my favorite is "A Little Bit of Missing You" only because Trace's voice goes so, so low. 

Trip on over to Trace's My Space site for a listen (link below).  While you are there, don't miss the link to his Unplugged performance for CMT.  I never liked the song "One In A Million" until I heard Trace give every note the intense attention only he can give to a love song.

P.S. You Gotta Whoop A Man's Ass Sometimes!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fans Place Trace on Winning CMT Finalist List

Trace fans have voted their hearts out putting "Hillbilly Bone" in the finals for CMT's Collaborative Video of the Year.  But we can't rest, it will take another round of dedicated Trace voting to bring in the winning trophy for our guy.

The CMT Music Awards pride themselves on being the only fan-voted awards show in country music,Congratulations to Trace & Blake for their nomination for Collaborative Video of the Year for "Hillbilly Bone." Remember they need YOUR votes to win! Fans can log on to to vote for their favorite artists now through June 8.